Wow Christmas is almost here!

Wow Christmas is almost here! Are you all getting ready?
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, we had a nice dinner and visit with our little family and enjoyed just being together. Well, maybe I should say they did as I was in and out of bed most of the time that day. I was not up to par as I have Fibromyalgia, which sometimes interrupts our get togethers. But dear hubby was a gracious host and took over for me. “Thank you honey.” *grin*
Well we have added quite a few nice soaps for the holidays. We now have Tinsel, Bite Me, Honey Bunny, Maui Wowie, Pumpkin Eggnog, Forbidden Fruit and the last two that should be added to the site within the next two days, Mt. Dew and Christmas Candy.
All are so yummy and fragrant and a couple make a striking display. Sometimes I surprise myself haha!
I will also be adding to the site this week a Winter Mint Lip Balm for those of us who have to have a better balm than can be found in the stores. It is NOT a waxy sticky balm, it has wonderful organic oils in it and vitamin E. It is all I will use, it really is so much better than the icky stuff they sell in the stores.
Well, my tree is not up, but before you boo and hiss at me too much, it is on the short list of things to do.
I have been a busy soaping woman these last few weeks, making balms and soaps and such.
That reminds me, Solid lotion bars will be available soon as well. Got to fight old man winter you know.
Where we live we have no wind break, so that bitter winter wind really takes a toll on your skin. I have to have good moisture protection to make it through the cold seasons.
So if you have a minute or two, go to the catalogue page and check out all the new goodies.
Guess I had better go feed the goats before I get fired. Have a wonderful time enjoying the festivities that happen in the wait of Christmas and be warm and healthy. Do something good for just one soul everyday, it comes backs to you . 😉

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