Winter Winter Go Away!

Ok, maybe I am being a baby. No offence to all of the snow lovers out there. I used to love it too, but the older I get, the less I appreciate it.

Well enough grumbling, we are almost on to Valentines Day and I am trying to decide on new fun scents for the up coming spring! Yay Spring!

Something fresh and crisp is in order, if you have a favorite fragrance you would like us to carry, any suggestions will be considered.

The goats are ready to be out in the sunshine playing again, and they are enjoying the sunshine we are blessed with today. Our little orphaned kitten (Itty Bitty) is growing up fast and has the older two cats on the run! He is quite the charmer when guests arrive; he has everyone snowed into believing he is a sweet, quiet kitty. Ha! Little do they know the antics he brings to this household!

Our newer soaps that we added this winter have been very well received. Maui Wowie, Bite Me, Honey Bunny and Aqua Di Gio have been very popular and we will be keeping them on as part of our line. They can be found on the catalogue page under traditional soaps.

I did pour a Dragon’s Blood log of soap recently, but I made a boo boo. So I will be trying that one again soon. Everyone so far has really liked this fragrance, and I have had several requests to try again.

I think it is time to feed the goats before I get fired. Have a wonderful day everyone, and enjoy its beauty!

Until we meet again,
Pam :-)

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