Pumpkin Cream Pie Soap Returns!

Wow I still can’t believe summer is going to be over already! I guess I missed spring, *poof!* it always seams to elude me.
I am not a winter lover, so I have decided I am going to sit inside and sip warm, wonderful mugs of something and make lots of soap!
I am already dreaming up some lovely ones for the Holidays, so if you have a scent you would like us to try, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.
I have some good news for all of our Pumpkin Cream Pie fans. Back in 2009 We lost our supplier for our beloved Pumpkin fragrance oil. I started searching for a replacement, but never found that special one. Nothing seamed to come close enough.
However, last week I was at one of my suppliers that I used to buy lip tubes and other miscellaneous items from. I thought…what the heck, I might as well see what they have for fragrances, maybe I’ll get some new holiday ideas.

I ordered a bottle of Lavender oil from them to try, and several sample bottles of assorted fragrances. Well low and behold, the Pumpkin sample smelled remarkably like the oil we used to use. I had saved the last bottle I had from the old supplier, knowing I would need a tiny bit for comparing purposes.
I ran to the computer and looked at the site again where I had ordered the sample from. I couldn’t believe it! Right there in front of my face on their fragrance oil page, it tells me that they bought my old Pumpkin oil suppliers fragrances back in 2009!
Well I don’t mind admitting I felt like an idiot! It’s been there all along!
I of course wasted NO TIME and ordered a bottle. I expect it here in 3-4 days and am so happy we can make our Pumpkin Cream Pie soap again for you all.
I know to some of you this seams like nothing to get this excited over, but I am telling you this soap has its own fan club! haha!
We also have a new page at the site called, Oopsies! & Butt Uglies! You can access this page here on our catalogue page. You will see Oopsies! & Butt Uglies! in the sidebar on the left of your screen, just click on it and wha! La! you are there. This is where we will have all of our soaps that have imperfections like, the color isn’t what we were trying for. Or we cut them wrong, or I just plain made an ugly soap that I don’t think is pretty enough. From time to time we discontinue some of our soaps, these will be offered here as well. The best part of these soaps is that they still bubble and clean well, and are a great buy for our customers as they are priced at 50% off regular price.
This gives you a less expensive way to try some of our products.
I will include in the description, why these soaps are in this category.
I am going to try and enjoy the last 5 days of summer, I hope you are all well and happy!
Thanks for tunning in!
Until next time, God Bless.

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