New liquid soaps are on the way

Hi everyone! We are finally up and running enough to bring you the soap catalogue. We will be adding in some new things soon such as, Liquid soaps for all you LS lovers. (myself included *smile*)
No/No soap (No color/No scent), for all of you with allergies. Just a lovely creamy soothing soap.
Bay Rum soap is on the curing rack right now and will be ready in just a couple of weeks, and I don’t mind telling you my office is smelling pretty good! ha! ha! Just one of the great perks to being a soapmaker is when you are in production your house smells great.

I think most of you who know me know that I rescued a little kitten who was born in my barn by a Farrell cat and just left to die. Well after sleepless nights of getting up for feedings and all the other craziness that goes along with it….( Yup just like a newborn human baby!)
He has turned into a living, breathing, running, jumping, biting, obnoxious, little monster that the other two grown cats run and hide from. Actually Steve and I do to from time to time.
We named him Itty Bitty because he is, but I think now a more appropriate name may be hmmm… let me think…Yes, I think TRAIN WRECK would cover it! Ha! ha! But all in all we love him very much. I will be posting pictures of the animals on the site soon.

Well I am really starting to enjoy the fall season. It feels wonderful outside, I hate freezing or boiling temps and this is just nice.
Fruits and veggies are starting to ripen and it makes me feel productive to be able to set a fresh table for my family.
I hope this blog post finds you all happy and healthy.
Enjoy this lovely season,(because you know what’s coming behind it ha! ha!)
Peace, Pam :)

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