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Goatmilk and Coconut Milk Soap
We offer an everchanging selection of handmade soap, and bath body products. All are handmade right here on our own farm. Use them yourself or give them as gifts.

Handmade soap and bath products.
Each of the bath and body items you find on these pages is made right here in our kitchen, in small batches just like grandma did. But, unlike that soap of yesterday, our bars are creamy smooth, loaded with goatmilk or coconut milk, we even use aloe juice, and wonderful exotic oils and fragrances that grandma never dreamed of.

The richness of goatmilk soap
If you’ve never felt the creamy richness of a REAL bar of soap, you’re missing out.

Glycerin naturally occurs in soap, but commercial soaps often have the glycerine stripped out, leaving you with a bar of detergent. Our handmade soap retains all of the natural glycerin. It isn’t pressed in there by a machine, nor have we stripped it out to sell to you as something else.

The goatmilk hasn’t been factory processed either. No one has stripped the butterfat and cream out only to put some back in. It is whole, 100% goatmilk with no additives.

Coconut, Olive and other Exotic oils
Besides goatmilk and coconut milk, many of our products also include cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter and other superior skin smoothing and softening agents. Many of these come to us from exotic locations around the world.

Come on in.

So come in and relax, poke around a bit and see if you find something interesting. There’s a lot here to look at.

And, please feel free to stop back to see what’s new. We hope you find everything you’re looking for, and we thank you for visiting.

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