Using Charcoal in Soap

Activated Charcoal:

Recommended usage : 1-1 ½ tsp. Per pound of raw soap. I know what your saying…Did you say charcoal in soap? Yes I did. Now I am not telling you to run out to the garage or patio and retrieve the bag you bought for barbequing with this spring . 

I am talking about a very fine black powder called Activated Charcoal. You may be asking me why in the world I use that in my soap? Well, this type of charcoal is great in soap for absorbing and rinsing away toxins and pollutants from the skin. As a bonus, it also gently exfoliates and rinses away dead skin cells. 

Japanese soap makers have been using it for hundreds of years to take advantage of the detoxifying and drawing effect it has in soap. It is nontoxic and odorless. It works by absorbing chemicals, which in return reduces their toxicity. 

One of the pros for using it is, it will not stain a washcloth like some oxides can. Many soapers prefer to use it over black oxide to produce a black soap for this reason. It is said that soap with charcoal in it produces a creamy, light heather gray lather. But if the thought of that turns you off you may want to use the lighter recommendation of 1 tsp. Pp of raw soap. 

There are soapers that use 1 tsp. of charcoal per pound of raw soap who say this will produce a soap that has a white lather with no gray in it.