About us

My husband and I are both Michigan born and raised in small towns. And we still live in a small Michigan town. We have a small hobby farm with about a dozen chickens that give us fresh eggs everyday, a few dairy goats, which we have learned more from than you can ever imagine. We also have 2 fat cats, and 1 small kitten just for entertainment.

We believe in God and family, Loving each other and those around us. Keeping life as simple as we can manage in this day and age. And helping others when we can.

It all began in 1994 When I purchased my first bar of handmade soap from a country vendor, on a weekend outing with my then fiance, now husband.

I had always had a problem with commercial soaps, as did my Mother.
They always left me terribly dry and rashy. But after the first use of a handmade soap, I knew this was for me, I had to do this thing!

Three years of research later, I poured my first batch of Real Soap, and have never looked back.

The Market for These products is diverse and crowded.

StoneHeartFarm intends to stand out as an accessible alternative to large corporate endeavors.

Our soap will continue to be artisan- made, each bar a little different in appearance, but uniform in quality.

Give StoneHeartFarm a try and enjoy the skin your in!

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