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Fall is here!

Well yes, fall is finally here. The time of beautiful color, and bountiful harvests.
I love harvests time!
I love the little kiddies out on Halloween in all their cute costumes, Apple cider and goodies, and then the leaves in huge piles and the corn stalks all tied in towers.

It’s all just so nostalgic and beautiful! But for folks like me, it’s also a very busy time, for getting soaps and other things stocked up before the holidays. I have been trying to play catch up on pouring soap.
We have a new mens soap that is sure to be a favorite with the guys, and some gals too. It is found in the Traditional Soaps section on our catalogue page page.

We named it “Up North” and is a sort of camo soap. It’s scent says “Hunky Sexy Man” for sure!
We’ve also made our Energize! soap in The Coconut milk formula, for all of our milk soap lovers. The scent was just too good not to give it a second option. It can be found on our catalogue page page under Milk Soaps.
There is more coming soon so please stay tunned.

For all of our down on the farm fans, the farm is getting smaller as we grow older. I made a big decision this weekend to sell all of my hens, Well all…I only had 11 hens, but to me that was a flock! haha!
I am glad to report that they have went on to live with a very good friend of mine and her much larger flock of barred rocks.

I talked to her the morning after moving them, and she reports that They have adapted and mixed in rather well. One even laid an egg for her the very first morning. That made me feel much better about the decision.

I made this move because it is getting harder for me to fight the snow drifts out here with the winds, and taking care of one barn instead of two twice a day will make a world of difference. We have big wind out here with no wind break, this makes for BIG drifts and I am short, which does not help at all.
But I will still have my goats, and if I can’t stand being without my girls I can always try again in a while. But for now I think it’s time for a break.

Itty Bitty Kitty is doing well, growing like a weed and I just can not wait for him to be fixed! Fat Boy and Jackie Cats would appreciate it too I’m sure. He has so much testosterone that they don’t want to play with him. As my Mother would say “He is hell bent for leather!”

Well have lots of fall fun everyone and have a safe and Happy Halloween!